Pine Point

Working with this homeowner on projects over the past decade has always been exciting. Louise, who owns Antiquities Warehouse, always has great design ideas to incorporate into the landscape design. It is hard to see the home from the road, as we planted an evergreen screen to create a sound barrier and provide privacy. Through the evergreen screen you are greeted by a brick paver driveway with a mix of different pine trees, ferns, and hosta along the North side of the home that will continue to spread throughout the bed space and naturally take over as a ‘forest floor’. On both sides of the front entry, the homeowner imported massive pots that are filled with different annuals throughout the year showcasing the beautiful front door. We also incorporated reclaimed brick pavers imported (by the homeowner) from Europe that make up the sitting area for the lakeside fireplace and 3 seasons room. This project has been featured in numerous magazines and publications throughout Northern Michigan and we are very proud to showcase this one.